Caitlin Gittins - International Confectionery

With a background of working in B2B publishing, Caitlin joined Hand Media in August 2022. With previous experience of working in milling and grain media, an understanding of grains and the food industry has translated into her role working across Hand Media’s leading confectionery and bakery titles, International Confectionery and International Bakery.  

Since joining in August 2022, she has since been promoted to Editor and now oversees all editorial content for these publications which feature in-depth insights, interviews and thought leadership. She played an integral role in the launch of the first Bakery Live event curating the conference program, which has grown into the must-attend virtual confectionery event, bringing together 1000+ attendees representing 83 countries. 

With a dedication to editorial integrity and independence, reporting on the innovations, developments and challenges in this market has enabled Caitlin to foster a deeper understanding of the industries she works in, and to celebrate the efforts and achievements of those working in them. 

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